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Inspired by nature’s beauty, Timothy Kobs creates wonderfully detailed and imaginative art. Here you will find worlds full of mermaids, fairies, dragons, magical trees, and other fantastic visions. Original art as well as high quality prints are available for sale.

Timothy takes enormous pride in creating his paintings. He hopes you will get as much enjoyment viewing his art as he did creating it. Thank you for supporting the arts.

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Sunday, June 21, 2020


As of this post, there were only two art fairs that had not made a decision, all the others have cancelled their 2020 shows. I marked them all as cancelled on my schedule. Even if one decided to have their show, I would likely decline. The logistics of trying to do an art fair during a pandemic are difficult to say the least.

Making people wait one at a time to enter my booth, then disinfecting each and every print between customers, that would result in a loss of total customers and a loss in sales. Art fairs are already a gamble for artists. The cost of doing art fairs is too high in most cases. $30 to $40 just to jury, then hundreds more if you are accepted.

I have done shows that cost $1000 in expenses. I have done a lot of shows over the years where I actually lost money. Too many organizers view art fairs as a way to make money off the hard work of the artists. Even now some organizers are offering a virtual art show online as a replacement to their cancelled show. Some are charging a fee to enter and want to take a percentage of all sales.

I apologize for the lateness of this post and not having my schedule updated sooner. It's been difficult waiting to hear back from the different art fairs. To make matters worse, my computer needed to be replaced. What a nightmare process it has been. First the computer, then the monitor needed to be replaced, now I need a new printer as well.

The timing couldn't have been worse, as I have no income. I haven't done an art fair since September of 2019. Now it could be a year and a half or more between art fairs for me. I'm praying for a vaccine. Until then, I hope to get my website updated with more posts to come. I want to get my Facebook page going again, and send out newsletters with updates on new paintings.

If you are interested in receiving the newsletter please sign up with your email in the comments. Thank you for your continuing interest in my art! Tim 

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